My name is Neil.

I work in sound, music, digital media and web.
Based in and around Drogheda, Ireland.


A Dagger Rests Between My Ribs

A dagger rests between my ribs, a knife that cuts and tears,
It rips at every idle thought and all unwanted cares.
It traces every dream I've seen and carves a crooked niche,
The very shape my heart would take, unfettered and unleashed.
It pins me to a lofty branch while winds whip round my ears,
While boughs around me bend and break from wild and weighty fears.
The leaves have long since fled the scene, no flowers left to boast,
A nest of birds no longer deem these heights a welcome host.
They've flown upon the eastern winds to shores of golden sand,
Where gentle waves might wash their sins, they've sought the promised land.

This dagger sits within my breast and penetrates my soul,
If I took but one minute's rest I'd pay a hefty toll.
No guru, mystic, priest nor king could ease my situation,
For these are merely mouths that speak for self or state or station.
A blade so sharp would cut my throat to spare me of that shame,
And steal my breath before I spoke, lest I reveal her name.


Oct 2014

Here's a cool music video for which I recorded/mixed sound.
Super Turbo Ninja Club playing their new track 'Wing Fixer' live.
(Video by George Karellas)


Jun 2014

I recorded/mixed 'Equinox', an EP by The Carolan Brothers,
available for streaming/purchase here.
Here they are covering Fleetwood Mac's 'Dreams' live.
(Video by Michael Flanagan)


Dec 2013

In December 2013, I released a 15-track album titled 'A Fleeting Fire'.
Stream in full below. Older albums available here.


Oct 2013

In 2013, I toured as bass player with The Watery Hill Boys.
This is a recording I made of a relaxed session that features
the group playing with local musicians in Catalonia.


Sep 2013

This is a music video I created using a mobile phone,
some foodstuffs, and various other household items.
The track Upon Your Return is featured on 'A Fleeting Fire'.


Jul 2013

Launched nyarf.com, an entertainments/events site for Drogheda.
nyarf.com was created by myself, Barry Conlan, Brian Connolly and Kevin Nolan.
Visit the site to find out what's happening in Drogheda tonight!


Apr 2013

A music video created using stills from Google Streetview.
It's the title track from 'A Fleeting Fire' and features
Rory Conlan on saxophone.


Mar 2013

This is a live mix of a track recorded entirely on iPad.
The track Remember was created using Loopy HD.


Feb 2013

Footage of Drogheda and The Boyne river set to the track Stars And Stones.
The song is featured on 'A Fleeting Fire'.