Neil Conlan

A Fleeting Fire

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Track Listing

1. Stars And Stones [04:22]
2. A Fleeting Fire [04:06]
3. Badger [05:42]
4. In Good Time [05:00]
5. If We Make It Through The Winter [05:34]
6. Remember [04:15]
7. Last Days [03:12]
8. Sleepless Speech [05:40]
9. Still Time [05:14]
10. Where You Belong [07:34]
11. Upon Your Return [04:13]
12. Work Out Better [04:04]
13. In Passing [05:11]
14. The Steps [06:35]
15. Xmasday [03:04]

A Fleeting Fire

An eclectic blend of fiery rock, heartfelt song, thumping electronica and tranquil ambient works to wake you, move you, shake you, then lay you gently back down. . . "A Fleeting Fire" is a 15-track, 74-minute sonic adventure spanning multiple musical genres, holding to a common thread of authenticity and emotion. All tracks were written and produced by the artist in his home studio.

Neil Conlan is a music producer and performer based in Drogheda, Ireland. "A Fleeting Fire" is his fourth solo release, arriving on the Winter Solstice of 2013. In the five years since his last album "Know This" (2008) he has performed, recorded and produced extensively with a number of Drogheda-based artists and groups. His latest work includes acoustic bass and vocals with old-timey bluegrass revivalists The Watery Hill Boys on their latest album "Somebody's Been Usin' That Thing". He plays bass guitar with Huey & The Hobgoblins, a rockin' 12-piece retro-blues outfit currently touring their new album "A Good Year For Sandwich Toasters".

It is Neil's wish to continue writing, producing and collaborating with those around him in the future, with a positive intention to inspire and encourage creativity, compassion and beauty. . . on his good days. . .

"Remember how it made you feel
Remember how it made your love so real
Remember how it used to go
Remember how it used to sanctify your soul" Buy Now on CD or Digital Download